About Carmen Harris, aka "Bonivich"

It can be hard to summarize the qualities and life of myself simply because I am the collection of many things. I am a collection of things I have read, found, explored, seen, heard, caught a glimpse of, and heard passing through my head, like wisdom from a different person not wholly me. I have seen the glimpses of eternity in the finite, and I have felt wonder that builds so much in me that I want to scream to the world that I found something precious.

But maybe, in fact, this need be all I tell, in part. For, I am sure, dear reader, dear wanderer to this page, you are equally multi-faceted. Maybe not in the same ways, for we may not believe the same things, but we too, are human, and we too have touched and grasped things that have moved through us, and worked in us.

But I digress, as this, too is an about page, and I doubt you came simply for some weird sentimental philosophy. It is important, I suppose, to bring to light the things that might interest you for this website in particular. Such as my fondness for fantasy universes, books, and ranting. (If you couldn’t already tell, I never say anything quickly. I suppose I am a bit Entish, in that regard.) I am fascinate by words, and their power. Many of my works are inspired by or come to me through phrases, quotes, writings, and/or dialogues with myself and others.

My writings in my journal, are, in fact focused on the power of words, and how they have impacted me through-out my life. I would be remised if I did not mention that I, too, have a passion for art and the books that hold them. I have more art books than (others) think I should, but to me, they give me lessons worth learning in a myriad of voices, just like the books I read.

Another thing you should know, since everyone deems this mighty important, is that I was born and raised in the United States, in a humble home in Ohio. (Of which I currently work at a local library as a Reference Assistant in this bi-polar state.) I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English (Literature) and a minor in Fine Arts from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. These will be the only true facts you’ll learn directly, as I tend to be a person more bent on saying things in-directly, and rather haphazardly.

If you take anything from this about page (if you can call it such) then it is this—I am in love with this world and the language that we use to form it in our minds. I have a passion for discussion, for people, and for the human condition. I believe we are but pilgrims looking forward and upward to our eternal home.

I believe I am a person in love with the small things, and even, too, with the mountains in whose mighty company, I remember what it is to be small, and that, too, is a good thing. I am a person of passion, both a vice and a virtue, and I believe we “see through a glass darkly,” (1 Cor 13:12) and that this website is but a blurry vision of powerful truths I hope one day to see clearly. I wish to remind myself, and others, that “we are more than mortal,” as Sir Walter Scott reminds us through Rebecca in Ivanhoe, and that we are ancient things, with a great purpose.

May you, then, in this small journey to my website, gain a little love for what I cherish, and I hope, more than anything, you take that small piece I have laid before you with you on all the journeys you will go on.

Let us walk this road together, and may we both learn something about the nature of things.


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