An Introduction to the Segment "A Journey With Words" and "The Inspiritors"

Greetings All,

I have a plethora of things I want to say in this blog and trying to find the words to say it all is where the true quandary begins. (Let us hope, dear reader, you are not intimidated by long paragraphs.) But I am eager to accept the challenge—the challenge to become both a better writer and human being. Mayhap you’ll find something worth taking away with you as well. Like a little secret, you found in the woods, precious and sacred, cradled in your hands waiting to find a place on your shelf to be glanced at in certain moments when needed and to be reminded of the reason you held it close to your heart to begin with.

Maybe this is asking too much of both myself and you, but I don’t think so, in the end. Often, our greatest reminders of things that helped us grow, helped us form a new language to speak with, to see with, come in the little things. Or come in the things forgotten for a time, until your mind reminds you in a conversation, or with a glance at our knick-knacks. It is not wrong to forget those moments for a time, but the truly great ones, both in word and deed, seem to nestle a bit of itself in your mind, waiting to be used again and again. Something that informs the way we live, even if unconsciously.

So it is with this thought in mind for myself, that I wish to tap some of that found wisdom that I can now trace to books, dialogues, lectures, articles, or simply—words—that have come to define who I am. Who has provided me with a language worth remembering. May this become the little shelf near my desk that harbors many loved things. Old things from others that I have kept to remind myself of their important memories, and found-things that I have come to bring into my home, as a way to welcome those little secrets I brought with me from the special places I have journeyed. (Let us not lose that child-like wonder, my friends: it is a powerful tool.) And here, maybe, I can find some shared space for those new words that currently journey with me, that have left me pondering, and to those that may come after—may they find a haven here, in this space.

Some important things to note are that I will be trying to release this segment on a bi-weekly basis. I also hope to release my other segment about art books that have shaped me and are worth checking out, on the opposite week of this segment entitled The Inspiritors. Because of this, I will be creating a newsletter in which people can see and be reminded of what is going on, as well as new art that I might have created, interesting songs, poetry, or other snippets I have been enjoying, and other random things worth mentioning (in my mind). Once I get my newsletter up and working I will be letting everyone know! Until then, feel free to subscribe to my mailing list so you will be on the up and up when everything is finalized!


As I mentioned above, I will also be doing a segment created for the art books that have also come to impact my life, both the living and the now dead. In bringing to attention the great artists who have shaped me, I hope to give a remembrance to those voices that I have let speak deeply into me, and those new voices that have been giving me great insight and inspiration.

An Introspection into the Mind of an Artist

Note: This was originally taken from my introduction to my Wordpress account back in 2015. However, it still holds weight, and speaks on how I wish for my blog to run/be seen. I will eventually introduce you guys to a "segment" I would like to call, "A Journey With Words." I will be composing that introduction and beginning ASAP.

Greetings All,

I thought it would be interesting to write a blog about myself, or, at least, a half-hearted attempt at saying why it is I feel I need a blog to begin with, considering I have a Tumblr account. But, in the end, I could not seem to compose a great post elaborating on these points indirectly. Thus, I shall take the direct route because I was never one for subtly anyways.

When comes down to it, Tumblr is a great service for quick posts and for quick responses. But for me…I don’t run in that type of environment well. I am, like a dwarf, “very dangerous over short distances.” I tend to take longer, scroll slower. I don’t want to make my experience with someone’s art or work to be a quick-like-and-reblog type of deal. That doesn’t, in my mind, do anyone any favors, especially someone like me, who likes to hear people’s voices beyond tags and replies (because tags are some of the single most shallow things I have seen, beyond their pragmatic use to identify a post for easy accessibility at a later date, and replies don’t give anyone enough words to say anything coherent). Or through ask messages that hardly anyone ever uses unless, I guess, they are the most popular person in town, but I think that is jealously talking rather than pure fact.

Tumblr has its place, and one which I gladly accept, but I needed another outlet to express myself. To talk, to vent, to explore, to question, to sit…to speak. And I wanted it to be in a place that is designed for long-winded conversations, not quick tweets.

Maybe this blog will become a discovery about me, a kind of “behind the scenes” type of deal for anyone who is curious. Maybe no one will venture this far south, and this blog will remain filled with thoughts with only one sole person to view them.

But either way, I felt this place needed to be molded, crafted, and forged. I need a space in which I can ramble on and on and feel like someone won’t keep scrolling down to find the like button, or, tragically, to keep moving on as though I wasn’t worth their time. As though reading has become a lost art, and only a few know the fruit of its labors.

Either way, I want to consider this place an introspection into myself; a blog just as much for me as you. A place to post art, yes, but, in some small way, a place for you to journey beyond the fast-paced world we live in.

I invite you to slow down with me; to ponder, to question, to think, and most importantly: to be present.

A professor once told me that the single best thing he could ask for from his students was that they “be present.” That is, that they are engaged, if not verbally, mentally with him. That we, his students, weren’t just husks zoning out into another world while physically being present in his class. Instead, he asked that we try to be present with him as he was present with us.

And I think he was on to something. Something I have taken with me in life. That the single best thing in the world is to be present with someone–with the person sitting right in front of you, not whose buzzing on your phone. With the words and voices that come from a screen or a page in a book. Whatever the engagement, whatever the thing, that we take the moment, the pleasure, the time, to experience and exhaust ourselves by doing more than just scrolling, or liking, or composing witty one-liners. Instead, to better ourselves by being present in another.

Thus, with that I shall wish you all a very fond farewell.

Until next time,